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Offering Individual Counseling, Wellbeing Workshops, 24/7 On-Demand Crisis & Support Line, and Psychiatry & Medication Management

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BetterMynd’s Online Therapy Solutions

  • Individual Counseling

    Scheduled 50-minute online counseling sessions with a licensed, in-state counselor

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  • Wellbeing Workshops

    Scheduled (live) psychoeducational workshops led by licensed counselors who educate and empower students on mental health topics and treatments

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  • 24/7 On-Demand Crisis & Support Line

    A dedicated number of students can call 24/7/365 to receive immediate crisis assessment or support from a Master’s-level behavioral health clinician

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  • Psychiatry & Medication Management

    Board-certified psychiatrists and psych NPs work closely with students on a comprehensive, individualized medication treatment plan

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Free access to the best licensed counselor for every student

BetterMynd’s dynamic network includes licensed and insured counselors in every state.

Our counselors have a minimum Master’s level education, have experience working with college students, and specialize in working with marginalized identities, adjustment challenges, and various treatable disorders.

Easy and flexible scheduling – with day, night, and weekend availability

Through an easy 10-minute online survey, students identify the issues they’re dealing with, their preferences for a counselor, and their availability – then they can browse different profiles and select the counselor that’s right for them.

Discrete sign-up through a link, QR code, or the BetterMynd website

Private and secure: Student’s receive live counseling from wherever they feel safe and comfortable through BetterMynd’s secure platform with HIPAA-compliant video.


A dynamic and diverse counselor network licensed and insured in all 50 states

Our counselor network is 40%+ BIPOC, counselors have a minimum Master’s level education, have experience working with college students, and specialize in working with marginalized identities, adjustment challenges, and various treatable disorders

Program flexibility allows you to scale up or down at any time – BetterMynd is not “use it or lose it”

  • Any quantity of counseling sessions are available for purchase based on student need (and budget)
  • All unused sessions roll-over to the following year and never expire (which would yield a lower cost in year 2)
  • Start with fewer sessions (i.e. lower cost) or make a larger investment trusting that the roll-over is in place to safeguard your investment against lower-than-expected utilization
  • No fixed cost per student
  • On-campus staff can allocate session credits to students as they see fit (i.e. open access or referral)


Learn about a better way to supplement your services with a teletherapy provider

Student demand for campus counseling services has never been greater, and many campuses have explored partnering with a teletherapy provider to increase the flexibility and diversity of their services.

With campuses investing significant budget on teletherapy partnerships, we created this buyer’s guide to provide insights and recommendations into the key issues campuses face in selecting a provider, and a better way forward with BetterMynd’s model.


“BetterMynd has been the perfect supplement to our on-campus services, allowing us to provide students with greater access to diverse counseling resources and expanded hours, no matter where they’re located.”

-VP & Dean of Students, Hamilton College


BetterMynd & Community Colleges Case Study

Learn how three different community colleges – Coconino Community College in Arizona, Lewis & Clark Community College in Illinois, and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in Ohio – partnered with BetterMynd to improve access to therapy and expand counseling center flexibility and availability – all possible through BetterMynd’s flexible, cost-effective partnership model.


“Our referral rate for students accessing community resources was around 2%. Most students wouldn’t even attempt to follow-up on a community referral. In our first semester with BetterMynd, we had 90+ students register and more than a third of them have followed through with a live session.”

Tony Williams, M.Ed., PHR, SHRM-CP
Vice President of Student Services at Coconino Community College


Improving the mental health of college students through teletherapy.

BetterMynd is on a mission to make mental health resources more accessible to college and university students everywhere.

Amid the ever-growing number of student wellness solutions, we believe that teletherapy – live therapy with a licensed counselor in a safe and comfortable setting – is the single most impactful resource you can provide your students so they can thrive, persist, and graduate.