About Us

BetterMynd is an impact startup that is inspired to improve the mental health of America’s 21 million college students.

In recent years, the number of college students seeking mental health counseling has skyrocketed. However, the vast majority of colleges have struggled to keep up with this increasing demand, many of which have waiting lists for students to receive help.

50% increase

in the number of college students seeking mental health counseling between 2015-2016 alone.


of college students with mental health issues don’t receive any treatment.

95% of colleges

say the mental health of their student body is a growing concern.

My Story

When I was a college student just a few years ago, I started struggling with my own mental health issues. I was at a point where I knew that I either needed to reach out for help, or I was going to have to drop out of school.

Fortunately, I was able to go to my college’s counseling center to get the help that I needed. But at the same time, I experienced the intense stigma associated with walking into that building everyone on campus knew as the counseling center and then sitting awkwardly in the lobby across from classmates struggling with their own mental health issues. And I was willing to go through that to get the help that I needed, but I know that there are countless students out there who are not.

I founded BetterMynd to empower every college student across the country struggling with mental health issues to get the help that they need and that they deserve. There are too many students struggling on their own, too many students put on counseling center waiting lists, and too many students who drop out of school or take their own lives because they aren’t able to get the help they need.

BetterMynd is changing all of this. We partner with colleges to bring students access to more counseling resources from the privacy and convenience of their laptops and smartphones.

Together, we can improve the mental health—and the lives—of America’s 21 million college students.


How Does It Work?

  • Register

    BetterMynd partners directly with your college and their counseling center, allowing us to create a customized program that meets the specific needs of your campus.

  • Find Your Counselor

    Students login to their school’s BetterMynd portal and are able to search through our network of licensed counselors based on their: backgrounds, race, mental health specialties, availability, and insurance accepted.

  • Schedule A Session

    A student then schedules and has their online video-therapy session from just about anywhere they can bring their laptop or smartphone.


BetterMynd has unique partnerships with each participating college and university to ensure that their students’ mental health needs are being met. Depending on the specific needs and desires of each school, the services that BetterMynd provides may vary.

Below are some of the benefits offered to our partner schools:

  • Greater student accessibility to mental health resources
  • Options for long-term counseling
  • Improved mental health of student body
  • Access to a more diverse set of counselors and counseling specialties
  • More privacy for students who don’t want to go into a counseling center
  • Reduces the strain on the college’s on-campus counselors
  • Cost-effective solution for colleges looking to enhance counseling resources
  • Provides ease-of-mind to students, prospective students, and their parents
  • Simpler and more transparent referral process
  • Reduces or eliminates counseling center wait lists

BetterMynd is committed to improving the mental health of college students by providing them with a “counselor in their pocket”. By enabling students with teletherapy and providing them with additional counseling resources, BetterMynd gives students more access to the help they need while reducing the strain put on colleges’ limited on-campus resources.

If you have any questions about BetterMynd’s services or would like to learn more, please send us an email at info@bettermynd.com.