About Us


BetterMynd is an impact startup that is inspired to improve the mental health of America’s 21 million college students.

BetterMynd makes mental health care more accessible to college students by providing them with additional counseling resources as well as enabling them with teletherapy so that they can engage in private and secure counseling sessions from anywhere that they can bring their laptop or smartphone.

In recent years, the number of college students seeking mental health counseling has skyrocketed. However, the vast majority of colleges have struggled to keep up with this increasing demand, many of which have waiting lists for students to receive help.


Our Mission

BetterMynd brings additional counseling resources to colleges and their students, all from its secure, HIPAA compliant platform. By enabling students with teletherapy, BetterMynd allows them to access a much larger and more diverse set of counseling resources. Students can login to their college’s unique BetterMynd portal and see the bios, specialties, and availabilities of all of the different counselors who have been vetted to be a part of the BetterMynd network. When it’s time for their teletherapy session, the student is able to connect from anywhere they can bring their laptop or mobile device.


Who are the providers on the BetterMynd platform?

All of the mental health providers on the BetterMynd platform have gone through a thorough vetting process. These providers have a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, allowing students a more diverse set of counseling options. All providers are licensed to practice in the states that they are made available.

How much does a counseling session on BetterMynd cost?

All sessions are 45-minutes in length and can vary in cost depending on the provider’s certifications and experience. All of the providers’ rates are transparent and upfront, so that a student knows how much a session is going to cost them before they schedule a teletherapy session.


Will my insurance cover my teletherapy session?

Most states require that insurance carriers provide reimbursement for teletherapy sessions in the same way they reimburse for in-person therapy sessions. Therefore, if your insurance covers mental health services and traditional therapy sessions, it likely also provides coverage for teletherapy sessions. To be certain, it is best for students to reach out to their insurance carrier and understand their coverage.

Different providers on the BetterMynd platform accept different types of insurance, while some may not accept any form of insurance. All providers indicate which insurance types they accept so that students are aware of whether or not their insurance may be accepted by certain providers.

BetterMynd processes all session charges in-full when appointments are made. The provider and the patient are therefore responsible for exchanging any insurance information so that reimbursements can be made where appropriate.


Can I schedule a teletherapy session with one of my college’s on-campus counselors?

BetterMynd provides all of its colleges with the ability to engage in teletherapy sessions on its platform. However, each college chooses whether or not its on-campus counselors want to engage in teletherapy sessions with their students.


How do I bring BetterMynd to my college?

BetterMynd is rapidly expanding to try and make mental health care more accessible for as many college students as possible. If you are a student, parent, or faculty member of a college that would benefit from BetterMynd, please reach out to us at info@bettermynd.com.