Why Colleges and Universities Work With BetterMynd

BetterMynd works exclusively in the higher education space. Our solution is purposefully designed to supplement the mental health resources that your college is already offering and to work side-by-side with your administration.

Substantially Qualified

Our network of licensed mental health counselors each have extensive experience working with college students and come from the local referral networks of colleges across the country.

Coverage for All Needs

The diverse backgrounds and wide array of mental health specialties of our counselors allow students of any demographic experiencing any mental health issue to find a counselor that meets their needs.

Immediate Scheduling

No more waiting lists. No more 9-5 appointments. No more uncomfortably sitting across from a classmate in the counseling center waiting room. Students directly book through our online portal.

Healthier Students

BetterMynd empowers your students struggling with mental health issues to quickly get the help they need to be successful both personally and academically!


How BetterMynd Works with Your College.

We Partner Directly

A unique BetterMynd online portal is created specifically for your college, giving you quick and easy access to your student & counselor information.

Students Register

Students register in the online portal and are able to select from a wide variety of counselors with diverse specialties and backgrounds.

Counseling Begins

Students are able to book an appointment and quickly access secure video-conferences from their phone or laptop to speak with their counselor.

HIPAA Compliant

BetterMynd is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, meaning that all of your students’ information and treatment records are secure and confidential.

Flexible, Cost-Effective Pricing Structure

BetterMynd is the most scalable, cost-effective online therapy service meeting the growing mental health needs of college students today. Our flexible pricing model allows each institution to purchase a package of session credits based on their anticipated student need, with the ability to purchase additional sessions on an as-needed basis at any time. Because these session credits are yours, you can allocate them in any way you want, and they never expire.

Better mental health means better students, safer campuses, and stronger college communities. Partner with BetterMynd and change the lives of your students today.


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