Teletherapy for College Students

Partnering with colleges and universities to improve the mental health of students everywhere.


“BetterMynd has been the perfect supplement to our on-campus services, allowing us to provide students with greater access to diverse counseling resources and expanded hours, no matter where they’re located.”

-VP & Dean of Students, Hamilton College

Improving Accessibility

BetterMynd gives students access to video-based teletherapy from the privacy and convenience of their laptops and smartphones, with sessions available during days, nights, and weekends.

Enhancing Diversity

Our select network of licensed counselors are diverse, representing different racial identities, cultures, and languages, as well as specializing in various mental health issues.

Personalized Resources

Upon registration, students are able to select a BetterMynd counselor that’s right for them by identifying the issues they’re dealing with, their preferences for a counselor, and their availability.

College Partnerships

BetterMynd partners with institutions of higher education throughout North America to provide each Member Campus with a tailored experience that meets their specific needs.


Improving the mental health of college students.

BetterMynd is on a mission to make mental health resources more accessible to college students everywhere. Through our vast network of licensed clinicians and our proprietary virtual counseling technology, BetterMynd helps colleges and universities to better support the growing mental health needs of their students.


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