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BetterMynd strives to help college counseling centers better meet student needs.

In a rural, homogenous community, it has been important for us to give our students options beyond what the Counseling Center can offer. BetterMynd strives to help college counseling centers better meet student needs. It has allowed us to expand our referral network and the customer service has been excellent.

Dawn LaFrance Director of Counseling, Colgate University

Between 2015 and 2016, the number of college students seeking mental health counseling increased 50%.

(Center for Collegiate Mental Health. 2016 Annual Report.)

BetterMynd partners directly with your college to create a customized, cost-effective solution to meet the growing mental health needs of your student body.

95% of college administrations say that the mental health of their students has become a top concern. But 1 out of 3 colleges has a waiting list for students to get into their counseling center, with wait times often stretching to two weeks or more.

Still, less than half of college students with mental health issues receive any treatment whatsoever. 85% of the students who completed suicide last year never got the help they needed.

BetterMynd is on a mission to change all of this by making mental health resources more accessible to college students across the country.

No more waiting lists for students who need help
Licenced counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties
Night and weekend appointments for busy students
Students choose who they work with

Why Colleges Work With BetterMynd

BetterMynd works exclusively in the higher education space. Our solution is purposefully designed to supplement the mental health resources that your college is already offering and to work side-by-side with your administration.

Our network of licensed mental health counselors each have extensive experience working with college students and come from the local referral networks of colleges across the country.

Their diverse backgrounds and wide array of mental health specialties allow students of any demographic experiencing any mental health issue to find a counselor that meets their needs.

No more waiting lists. No more 9-5 appointments. No more uncomfortably sitting across from a classmate in the counseling center waiting room.

BetterMynd empowers your students struggling with mental health issues to get the help they need to be successful both personally and academically.

Trusted partner of college administrations
Customized solution tailored to your situation
HIPAA and FERPA compliant

How BetterMynd Works with Your College

Step 1: BetterMynd Partners with Your College
A unique BetterMynd online portal is created specifically for your college.

Step 2: Students Register and Select Their Counselor
Students register in the online portal and are able to select from a wide variety of counselors with diverse specialties and backgrounds. Students have access to counselor bios and can select the counselor they feel most comfortable speaking with.

Step 3: Counseling Begins
Once a student finds the counselor that’s the right fit for them, they are able to book an appointment that works with their schedule. When it’s time for their session, the student logs into a secure online video-conference from their phone or laptop to speak with their counselor.

BetterMynd is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, meaning that all of your students’ information and treatment records are secure and confidential. In addition, we work with your school to establish emergency protocols so that our counselors know what to do and who to contact if one of your students needs immediate attention.

Together, we can improve the mental health of America's 21 million college students.

Better mental health means better students, safer campuses, and stronger college communities. Partner with BetterMynd and change the lives of your students today.

If you are a college administrator who wants to improve the mental health of your student body, then speak with BetterMynd today.

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