Work with college students through BetterMynd's secure online video-therapy platform

BetterMynd partners directly with colleges to offer their students access to teletherapy sessions from our network of licensed mental health counselors.

95% of college administrations say that the mental health of their students has become a top concern. In recent years, the number of students seeking counseling has gone up 30-40% year-over-year, but colleges are struggling to keep up with this spike in demand.

BetterMynd brings together a network of licensed mental health counselors that support colleges and their counseling centers in meeting the mental health needs of their students. Our counselors have diverse backgrounds and mental health specialties, allowing students to connect with a counselor that best meets their specific needs. In addition, all of our counselors have extensive experience working with college-aged students and typically come from the local referral networks of higher education institutions.

Licensed counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties
Extensive experience working with college students
Scheduling and video-sessions all on one secure platform

Why Counselors Work With BetterMynd

Working with BetterMynd allows counselors to grow their client-base and improve the mental health of struggling college students.

Once approved to join BetterMynd’s network, counselors are able to indicate what hours they are available for students to schedule sessions with them. This flexibility allows them to fill in empty slots on their calendar and to market their services to potential clients they otherwise wouldn’t have access to–all from the convenience of their computers.

Counselors establish their own rates as they do in their private practices. All scheduling, payments, and video-sessions take place on BetterMynd’s secure, HIPAA-compliant platform, ensuring that all patient information is confidential.

Counselors establish their own hours and availability
Treat patients from the convenience of your computer
HIPAA-compliant platform ensures security and confidentiality

How Do I Start?

Step 1: Apply To Be A Counselor On BetterMynd
Submit your contact information below and a member of our team will reach out to you with full application details.

Step 2: Create Your Counselor Profile
Once accepted into our network, you will create a counselor profile that will be visible to students seeking help. This will include your background information, treatment philosophy, mental health specialties, and session rates.

Step 3: Start Counseling Students
You set your availability around your own schedule, allowing students to book appointments during your open slots. Once it’s time for your appointment, simply login to your BetterMynd account and begin your secure video-therapy session.


Together, we can improve the mental health of America’s 21 million college students.

If you are a licensed counselor interested in working with BetterMynd, then submit your contact information below.

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