Psychiatry & Medication Management


When your campus is committed – and resourced – to provide students comprehensive mental health support


Psychiatry & Medication Management

Complement your Individual Counseling support service with Psychiatry & Medication Management.

Ensure you have the support in place for students who require access to psychotropic medications or need a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Please note that we are currently offering this solution in a limited number of states.  If you are interested in exploring Psychiatry & Medication Management for your campus, contact us to learn more and confirm availability.

Access to the Right Medication

Patient-centered, medication management services to ensure students can access the right medication for them

Convenient Medication Pick-Up

Prescriptions may be sent to the local pharmacy of choice

Individualized Plan

Students receive a comprehensive review of their medical and medication history and an individualized medication treatment plan

Expert Care

Board-certified psychiatrists and psych NPs will work closely with students to determine the best course of action to manage their symptoms and provide follow up support

BetterMynd’s Online Therapy Solutions

  • Individual Counseling

    Scheduled 50-minute online counseling sessions with a licensed, in-state counselor

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  • Wellbeing Workshops

    Scheduled (live) psychoeducational workshops led by licensed counselors who educate and empower students on mental health topics and treatments

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  • 24/7 On-Demand Crisis & Support Line

    A dedicated number students can call 24/7/365 to receive immediate crisis assessment or support from a Master’s-level behavorial health clinician

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  • Psychiatry & Medication Management

    Board-certified psychiatrists and psych NPs work closely with students on a comprehensive, individualized medication treatment plan

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